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Do you agree with these economic statements?

Do you agree with these economic statements?
  1. There will only be much work (employed people) there, wherever money is invested in real economy. 
  2. If rich guys and governments invest only in growth markets, swaps and derivatives and we only play permanently ‘bank rescue, then we will have less employed people in Europe.
  3. If the €-zone has a total of a total negative trade balance and total of a total negative account balance (rich people invest their wealth outside €urope), then the devalues.
  4. If the devalues and real economy is simultaneously shrinking and the oil price quoted in $ becomes more expensive for us, we might have a big problem.
  5. If there are much unemployed people in Europe, the states in €-zone have less tax revenue.
  6. We do not need to mass-produce for China, we need to produce in B2C well marketed class products such as wines or RedBull® or BMW® for China and in B2B industrial units and med. tech.
  7. To fight against youth unemployment with a budget of 15.000.000,- in whole Europe is quiet stupid, right?
  8. Social and Economic are just one thing: without economic action here, any kind of social system will be impossible.
  9. The next hyperinflation is as safe as the ‘Thank God’ in prayer and politics is doing everything at the moment to ensure that real economy is shrinking.

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