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aws CodeDeploy CodePipeline - 2 Amazon's deployment services


Warning: If you use Amazon's CodeDeploy Service outside of the US, e.g. in Ireland, you can't combine that CodeDeployment AWS Service Instance with AWS CodePipeline later, cause Amazon's Code Pipeline is only availible inside the US for now:

The following sample shows you, how to use CodeDeploy in Ireland. Be free to change the region to Oregon or Virginia, if you want combine it with CodePipeline later.

Create new Key-Pair in Ireland:

I choosed a sample Linux Apache Web Application Deployment

This will take a while. don't panic!

For insiders: This wizards runs really only a CloudFormation

We choose here the pre default Sample from S3 please, you will see later, how we change to GitHub

We see here Deployment Configuration

OK, yet we finished the default wizard and are under Deployments

We create now a new Deployment for GitHub repository (instead default S3)

OK. I have used my GitHub PlayGround here
Feel free to create your own and play!

OK, we create now the new Deployment from GitHub

After creating the new Deployment, we are back at Deployments page in Ireland:

We can look now at e2c instances menu, to see our fresh deployed instances:


As I mentioned at the beginning Amazon's CodePipeline service is at the moment only availible inside the US at two locations:

We create here our Virginia CodePipeLine Demo Sample 
 CodePipeLine Demo Wizard let you choose directly different pre defined source repositories:

I took my GitHub PlayGround

You can choose some pre defined build servers here, if you like to fetch uncompiled code from your repository and build it with a cloud build service.
Attention: Cloud Build is only very beta compared to a full professionell lan build server.
Warning: Take care, that you deliver your source code (maybe with TOP secret database or config keys or some very snakeoiled intelectual property claims on source maybe without clearly license agreement) for build through the net to a blackbox and got a magical yet another black box compiler compiled snakeoils linked build (you will never find out, what secret different snakeoils and serpentoils they mixed to in to build your code, maybe compiled to use highest CPU Power, so that your cloud provider could make business :) out of this blackbox!

Now your Pipeline appears in dashboard (don't type daeshboard, cause then police stands before your flat in the night :)

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