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Refugees welcome - the other / dark side of the medal

To welcome refugees is often good for welcomers country, cause refugees mostley wanted to be in a safe place and took every work, so that they could stay there.

But there's a dark side of this "refugee welcome" story too.
Many refugees will keep staying here, even when war will be over in there home countries.
After war in ex-Yugoslavia was over many refugees kept staying here. Only some returned. Economy remained there very weak, cause of missing labor force; Economy never runs again there, as it did in the past bevore war. Population was shrinking:

We saw here population shrunk in Serbia, Bosnia and the Kosovo. In Kosova a seperate currency was never introduced, Kosova region got Euro as currency, but without having a central bank, that's official and by law part of €-Zone and with ultra hard €, they had even more economical problems as Serbia with flexible Dinar:

With EU Program now, we might can recover economy in balkan region.

But in other post war states like Somalia neither economy nor state recovered and Somalia became a "failed state" and a source of terrorism, that continuesley keep destabilizing and weakning his neighbors.

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