- a simple url encoder/decoder

 a simple url encoder/decoder


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No global plan for generic multi-language globalization/localizaion

There is sadley no generic concept for platform and language independent multi language globalization / localization for applications.

Some case studies

Visual Studio WinForms (C#VB)

Globalization / Localization in Windows Forms is implemented via different resource files (.resx).
ResourceManager and Resource accessors are created semi automatically from Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2019
Resources in .NET

Microsoft and Stockoverflow links about resources and globalization and culture info.

Android Studio (Java, Kotlin)

Globalization / Localization are realised in Android Studio via different language directories beyond the res folder:

Using the Translation Editor inside Resource Manager to build your translation from Android Studio GUI, see:

Android supports right to left screen orientation too for arab or farsi languages.

Documentation about globalization / localization in android

Razor MVC and Blazor Web

Webpages, that are build with .NET framework and deployed in IIS on windows or Apache on linux (no matter with mod_mono or something else [1]) use language and country prefix directly after FQDN and before path in url to route to different language subpages, e.g.:

Multi-language globalization in reality

In reality in the world wide web and on desktop or other applications, there are many different approaches how multi-language and globalization is implemented. Only few use a auto translation API like

Prospect / outlook for standardized globalization?

I don't know. Lets use the crowd to answer that question!

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