- a simple url encoder/decoder

 a simple url encoder/decoder


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Virtual company assistent

What we can:

Phone Round Robin Scheduling
Video-Chat Round Robin

What we can't unless 

Team Mail, that combines video, email, voicemail and team room on- & offline capabilities

Not recognize priority and difference between yet another sales marketier, lonely partners or customers who need to be talk, crash near detection signs of critical systems or and most important customer on fire on tire.

What we can:

Alarm system that does not recognize nervous employees, that always work on Christian holidays, such as Heinrich Elsigan at Inhouse WKO and considers them to be dangerous criminals and sounds the maximum police alarm.

What we can't unless

Never any AI, like Voyager Doctor SF, that call Hosiptal or movile medical AID Team in case of emergency.

AI must be trained to act as human, if no other human is there.

Also car board computer in case of heart attack.


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