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€urodjihadism - a kind of european Soros Machine

A critique of european behavior contrary to in EU often cherished european values

According letter to al-Baghdadi the essence of jihad is defined as follows:
Jihad in Islam is defensive war. It is not permissible without the right cause, the right purpose and without the right rules of conduct.
In western media especially german and french ones, the term Jihadism is often used also for Islamist terrorist organizations. According to english Wikipedia article, the term Jihadism is "clumsy and controversial".
German Wikipedia article about Jihadism itself is already more vague:

"€urodjihadism" is a compound word derived from the terms "€uro" (the currency managed by the ECB of € zone) and "Djihadism". €urodjihadism is created to emphasize fanatical tendencies and manifestations of various protest movements mostly in or from Europe.

I explain how I came to this word creation.

In Austria after forming of a right.wing conservative coalition in year 2000, it came suddenly to huge mass protests
Let me clarify one thing. The right-wing party FPÖ was really verbally extremely racist and islam-hostile, you can see it here:
The problem that I had with these demos was that no concrete racist police actions or xenophobic laws or certain political statements were criticized, but in general a democratically legitimate coalition government.
For me modern democracies should clearly contain the right to demonstrate. But demonstrations should have concrete detectable political concerns and the government could enter as reaction in political dialogue and implement a certain result change process with roadmap where implemented measures communicated publicly and transparent progress of the concrete process is easy to perceive!

€urodjihadism includes for me all the mass protests without concrete concerns, that do not contain polti's substantive demands and try to enforce a change against democratic and constitutional rules.
A key consideration for €urodjihadism is a fundamentally aggressive and violent mood that specifically examined partially escalations with the police.
Twitter is the most widely used social media for €urodjihadism; twitter is most likely to transport short radical hate speach and incitement, cause technical implementation of twitter prevents meaningful rational fact-based multi-user complexes discussions.
I want to emphasize that Occupy Movement partly also had no clear political demands during the early weeks, but defined itself clearly as a non-violent protest and also acted strictly according to this principle.

While true union policy concerns a political solution can be found in constructive efforts, all kind of €urodjihadism protests never have the goal to find a political democratical solution and never give time for the goverment to react on claims and criticized abuses of protesters!

"€urodjihadism"  has also been applied in non-European countries, but always was sponsered by various organizations or groups of EU in order to achieve system changes there.

At Euromaidan, Gezi Park protests / Taksim Square, you can clearly seen the type of €urodjihadism
These protests had in common the following features:

  1. A vague idea as possible of the protesters and unclear diffuse spongy official targets.
  2. Usually a place (location) is the slogan and symbol of the movement!
  3. Support from abroad and through financially sound organizations
  4. One-sided presentation of the Western media
  5. Suppression of negotiated solutions and compromises

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