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old & simple social liberal slogans

If you sell as a large supplier products in the cheaper segment , then it makes sense to employ people from a minority group, because with them in your sales or marketing team, you can also reach this segment of the market surley with great customer binding.

Remember that it is easier to integrate minorities in that smart liberal way, instead of forcing it by law. (Otherwise Republican party GOP and right wing parties will fury.)
Notice that minority groups often are only interested in large robust standard products inside the cheaper segement, because of income weakness as result of fewer chances and discrimination.

Sometimes humanistic or public moderate spending is labeled as 'High ugly costs'.

When people thought HP-UX, AIX, SCO Unix Group, Solaris or high end IRIX
will make the race,
then notice that now SGI IRIX XFS is availible under linux now,
that IBM's JFS is even longer part of the linux kernel,
that Sun's ZFS was ported to linux from 2005 - 2010,
as availible alternative to pure GNU filesystems Btrfs or elder ext4.

If an aggressive renegotiation of a service brings both social responsibility and shareholder value (in sense of price reducement or qualitity improvement), then that's good.

Spending money for education, children rights and fair play might not be optimally offset in your tax return, but it will give you a brilliant image and avoid problems in future.

Investing money in education and skills in next generation, probably has a very late return on investment.


Warn signals for liberal democracies?

2005 prolog

Most of you know Georg Lucas and Star Wars.

In star wars episode III - "revenge of the sith" (produced 2005) 
jar jar propose that the senate give emergency power to ...

2020 warn signals for liberal democracies?

There are fewer liberal democracies than there were 10-15 years ago.

Some countries, that were choosed the way to liberal democracy some year ago, returned now to a more authoritarian style.

German public-service television network ARD's 'Tagesschau' titled one year ago:
Tunisia's President Saied
On the way to becoming a dictator?

Tunisia's President Saied is voting on a new constitution that would give him comprehensive rights. Is the president, who has already disempowered the government and parliament, on the way to becoming a dictator?

Reasons for reducement of democratic institutions

1. Democracy costs money, is expensive
If the economic situation is bad and debts and unemployment rise, then savings are often made in some areas of the state sector.
Unfortunately, only a few states process government shutdown procedures. where all except most necessary government spendings are reduced, unless a new budget is democratically decided.
Governments often save money where it affects only a few and the few have a weak lobby or no lobby at all.
  • NGOs regularly have their budgets cuts

    For churches and a small group of state authorized charity you can spend money and pay less tax,
    but for a lot of other NGO's, specifically free churches (like the taxas christ chuch, baptist church, knights templar society or hindu temple), gnu opensource group, ieft, civil right movements, LGBT communities, free artists associations you don't get 1 penny of tax facilitation / reducement, when spendig a lot.

    So most NGO are dependent on crowed founding and small subvenetions from the state, 
    some special state legitimated NGOs have privileges, that spending will cause tax reduction and a minimum of state budget is reserved for them.
    e.g. I spended also only for caritas socialis & Volkshilfe, when earning good, because of tax cuts.
    p.s. I really coulded to reduce my tax bill even more, but I didn't it in case of investation in car, books, membership for liberal party or investments for the children and wrote every income postion on my tax declaration.

    Financal support for free pressed were limited for public TV, you had to pay a special GIS tax, but there is no posibility to spend money to the free press pod neither for companies nor private persons.
  • Invalidity pensions were abolished

    In some areas, state welfare is limited to incapacitated people (without full citizens and human rights). Former finance ministress Maria Theresia Fekter critized in year 2013, that too many healthy people retire at average age of 52-53.
    Now even very sick people stay at 56 fully in labor market,
    but I'm so proud that we all will retire later.

  • Homeless shelters cost €200 - €300 per month.

    (I remember, my Frank pointed out to me in year 2000 that in Asia homeless shelters are not free like here and cost US$5 per night and thought, that such things will never become popular in Europe or legitimated. Well since ~2014 that changed.)
2. Democratic and state processes are sometimes inefficient, slow and bureaucratic

'Many democratic processes, especially court proceedings, legitimation for new rather unknown business licenses and environmental impact assessments, are often bureaucratic, take a lot of time. In order to speed up these processes, things were simplified and appeal options were limited in trys and short time period.
For example the Austrian police 
  1. revoked me my driving license for one year and after obtaining it back, the license is limited to year 2025 and I have to proove a certificate of a psycolical investigation every ¼ year (3 months)

  2. imposed a general weapons ban on me 

3. State must also guarantee international competition, and when cut spending, than it had to reduce taxes for companies and workers

Well in US and other countries both parties (democrats and republicans) often promise big fat tax cuts  (maybe with icecream) for companies and workers and sometimes hope, that the good old blue colar worker jobs will come back to the US. Here in Austria, the state seem to reduce spending for some groups, but didn't promise any big fat tax or social insurence cuts at all.

Well, I was able to achieve a big fat cut from social insurance, when I worked for a community based project where all profits were donated to cancer aid and then only reached a maximum of €2000 before taxes per year for the period of 1-2 years.

I am currently unemployed since September 2023 and receive too much money for doing nothing and that only because a have to pay for two children and my ex-wife has too little income. I feel so ashamed for that, that I have already initiated the reopening of my small company after X-Mas on January 1st, 2024 in new lulz.