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 a simple url encoder/decoder


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About identity & privacy

Most complete Identity of a person is defined / determined by different public, restricted or private accessible spheres.

[ to be continued ... ]


It's about creating distributed service oriented communications

This article isn't about daily standard electronic communications via network protocols (e.g. email services or shared network folders),  neither about user authentication / authorization nor groupware. 

It's about: 
Implementing or consuming customizable reliable distributed services;
by choosing & implementing a programmable extensible scalable, easily portable, standardized inter-compatible fail-safe resilient communication middleware, that's financially essential for most critical business processes.

For what kind of companies is that useful, important or relevant?
It's relevant for all companies, that consume many crtical data from external partners / service providers; 
then process received & own data inside different departments (maybe in different locations) with different areas of responsibility (e.g. fraud detection, critical real-time scaling of dynamic hardware (memory, harddisks and available CPUs, permanent risk adjustment and last but not least anonymized [General Data Protection Regulation] precise reporting for legal reasons);
finally  and ultimately share processed data to maybe different  external organisations with very deviating requirements, like government fraud reporting agency on one side and partners inside a foundation or joint umbrella organization however.

Overview most common distributed service oriented communication technologies in history

What technologies do you use in your company / organisation or as private person for distributed service oriented communication?

    1. antique: [ 1980s ]
    2. old: [ around the millennium ]
    3. Previous generation: [ since 2010 ]

    What local software suites / solutions / products and enterprise cloud services are included in your distributed service oriented communication(s workflows)?

    1. Microsoft BizTalk Server
    2. RabbitMQ [ ]
    3. Amazon Web Services [ aws ]
    4. Azure RestAPI Reference 

    [ to be continued ... ]



    Curch music I like

     I'm left liberal atheist, but I want to show thou, that I like some church music very much.

    My favorirtes (church music)

    Gregorian Chant (gregorianischer Choral)

    Franz Schubert (deutsche Messe) (1)

    Zum Eingang („Wohin soll ich mich wenden“)
    Zum Evangelium und Credo („Noch lag die Schöpfung formlos da“)
    Zum Offertorium („Du gabst, o Herr, mir Sein und Leben“)
    Zum Sanctus („Heilig, heilig, heilig! Heilig ist der Herr!“)
    Nach der Elevation, oder: Nach der Wandlung („Betrachtend Deine Huld und Güte“) (2)
    Zum Agnus Dei („Mein Heiland, Herr und Meister“)
    Schlussgesang („Herr, Du hast mein Fleh’n vernommen“)
    Anhang. Das Gebet des Herrn („Anbetend Deine Macht und Größe“)

    Johann Sebastian Bach (H-Moll-Messe) (3)