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n-sphere hypermaps ⇒ cattle breeding

Have you ever noticed the advantage of real n-sphere hypermaps?


That is very sad, because with hypermaps thou would understand, recognize, realize immediately,

  1. that alpine pastures for cattles offer little crop yield for humans;
  2. that mordern technical agricultureof is nearly impossible in hilly and mountainous impassable areas with rocks and small swamps inside and only 2% continuous flat area per hectare.
  3. that cattle breeding in certain climatic alpine mountainous regions has much lower risk as Agricultureof with poor hervests in worse case.
  4. that cattles transforrm & recycle low-calorie vegetarian naural grown food much better than humans or hunter mammals with a short intestine.
  5. that chances of success for cattle and sheep breeding are similarly much higher as profitable modern agriculture at Scottish Highlands in the marsh, around rual areas beside Loch Ness, on Outer Hebrides and on small isles (Inishbofin, Claire Island) near the Irish north-west coast.


linux: flashing an (iso)image to usb stick

This article contains all main informations to create (rawwrite) a bootable usb stick from an existing iso (loopback) image under linux.

classic way diskdump (dd)

Find correct usb device file 

First we had to find correct linux device file for your plugged/connected usb flash (e.g. lsblk):

  lsblk --list --fs ; lsusb -v ; lshw ; hal-device ; dmesg ; echo "..."

or use that (almost) auto usb devive verifying simple shell script:

get_usb_device() {
    local device_path=$1        # such as /dev/sdc
    for devlink in /dev/disk/by-id/usb*; do
        if [ "$(readlink -f "$devlink")" = "$device_path" ]; then
            # echo "$device_path" is usb device 
            # echo "$(lsblk -no NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,STATE,OWNER,TYPE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL,MODEL "$device_path")
            echo Fetching detailed information for usb device "$device_path" by 'hdparm -I "$device_path"'
            echo -en "$(hdparm -I "$device_path") \n\n"
            echo use cache size as base for block size in disk dumnp later 'bs=...'

            return 0
    echo "$device_path" is not an usb device
    return 1

  for _device in /sys/block/*/device; do
      if echo $(readlink -f "$_device")|egrep -q "usb"; then
          _disk=$(echo "$_device" | cut -f4 -d/)
  for _usbdevice in "$REMOVABLE_DRIVES"; do

    if get_usb_device "$_usbdevice"; then
      echo "# use following code to create your bootable usb stick: "
      echo sudo umount -l "$_usbdevice" ; 
      sudo dd if="$HOME"/'path_to_your_image.iso' of="$_usbdevice" bs=4K && sync 
      echo "# correct bs (block size) by cache size of usb device! "
      echo failed verifying usb by executing command: get_usb_device "$_usbdevice" 

Flash your iso image to usb device file with dd

Finally use linux disk dump (dd) for creating image.

  sudo umount -l  /dev/usb_device_to_flash ; 
  sudo dd if=path_to_your_iso_image of=usb_device_to_flash bs=block_size_based_on_devive_cache && sync ; 
  # default block site always are any factors of 4K

Advanced tools like Usbimager or WoeUSB

Using more advanced graphical tools such as usbimager or WoeUSB to create bootable USB flash stick.


hard fact reality vs narrative story telling (playing) theater from the point of triggers


The meaning of triggers in this article according to information theory.

A trigger is an impulse that causes people or programmed machines to take certain actions after a message has been understood in both semantic and pragmatic context. Strong triggers include furthermore the feeling of high priority and generate a strong tendency to act, well as an awareness of the consequences of not acting now.

Some examples for triggers

  1. Weather is stormy and rainy (semantically and pragmatically understood) ⇒  
      (Trgger  (T)   
    ⇒  I have to open my umbrella

  2. Fire breaks out ⇒ 
      (Trgger  (T)   
    ⇒  Trigger fire alarm and call fire department

  3. FED is lowering prime interest rate from 2,25% to 0,5%. ⇒ 
      (Trgger  (T)   
     Let's get a cheap credut (loan) in US$ and 
    make classical leverage invest in Dow Jones & Nasdaq!

Detect hard fact reality vs story telling theater by observing behavior of trigger

When I was in the army long time ago, we learned several emergency commands / orders. One of that was 'AC-Alarm' (Atomic nuclear, biological or chemical are launched, so troops had to immediately Initiate protective suit and emergency measures)

Nobody was ever maling many funny jokes in that training, similiar to fire breaks out ⇒ fire alarm in the examples above. When observing the trigger behavior. everybody recognizes, that this is no playing game and a real dangerous situation. Same story, when people are infected with HIV (AIDS) Virus or (not so deadly) Malaria.

Well, when looking at the Coronavirus, triggers are too soft, negligently, inconsistent.
Remember all DioxinPlutoniumAnthrax incidents in the last 25 years, remember even Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. triggers were much more hard and serious, even when there was never danger for many people in all that cases.

According the media Coronavirus has already killed hundreds of thousands of alleged dead, but nobody's reacting or triggering heavy casualties for real. People are still playing that game, but nobody takes / triggers that Coronavirus real serious / grievous.