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Changing frozen OGZDL.L stocks against Moscow GAZP.ME stocks

Speaking of Gazprom, I have two questions for the specialists:

  1. According to Yahoo Finances, the GAZP.ME stock has been trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange (.ME) for some time.

    According to my information, all derivatives on the OGZDL.L shares on the London Stock Exchange were frozen on March 1, 2022, shortly before the crash.

  2. Do you know how this happened under what kind of conditions?

  3. Do you know what exchange conditions the holders of OGZDL.L shares had against GAZP.ME shares quoted in rubles?
    (Rate 198 rubles = €2.01)
    or was this no longer possible for Western owners because there were already sanctions against Russia and all capital was frozen?

  4. According to the German European company register, the well-equipped Austria subsidiary GAZPROM NEFT TRADING GmbH has now moved to a more upscale address on the 1st floor |
    GmbH but is completely invisible in many company registers here in Austria.
    Do you know more here?

  5. I cannot see shares of the Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco traded in  الظهران in SAR from my provider only derivatives and bonds?
    Are stocks of Saudi Aramco generally not tradable, or where can you trade them?


Great companies on alibaba with impressive solutions

Qingdao HenryD Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

green renewable energy

Helios Technology Co., Ltd.

green renewable energy

Guangzhou Sary Electronics Co., Ltd.

Master key systems, fingerprint sensors, elctomagnetic lock

Shanghai Pinnxun Electric Motor Co., Ltd.

Fuchun Industry Development Company

hydro turbines (please check IP)

Shenzhen Qinda Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic process automation

Other subdomains:


par coole trendy Firmen aus Deutschland

bereits top (vielleicht sogar etwas over the top):


Danger of huge monopolisation and checks and balances to keep up a living strong democracy


Monolopy (Conspiracy theory warning)

In mercantilism owning and potentially using a monopoly was considered as tactical advantage. Think about it, that China soonly has a monopoly on a lot of industrial products, but most of China's hardware exoported have an american, south korean or japanse label. 

When there might be a common closed source smart phone. personal computer or smart phone with only one operating system with market dominance over 90%, then we might run into a trap.

If later then, disassembling, reversing engineering is punished with high penalties and international legal claims, then social credit program can be introduced step by step by backdoor.

If your social credit is negative, then you might not have all functions enabled (on your monopoly phone or monopoly personal computer) (THIS MIGHT BE VERY DANGEROUS)

Attention, Huawei, Chinas biggest smart-phone brand and ready to soonly be main player also in african markets, is still android and open based on open source linux and I don't claim, that China will use such practices. But there is no guarantee, that US or Chinese companies would develop or exrend their powers to collect more data or control more individuals in entire world by monitoring them permanently. 
In open system, you can choose a other os to install on every hardware. I remember, that Sony Playstation implemented an other OS bootloader, where you could run linux on it. The community demanded it. Today no one tries to recommand LineageOS compatbility on Smart-Phone hardware.

Balances & checks for free democracies

Freedom of media index

Multiple independant print & internet media or different media blocks. +1

Fact-Checking in more serious media. +0,5

Double Fact checking, interviewing all stakeholders. +0,5

Different TV stations and radio stations in country.. +1

Access to satellite tv or streamed news in internet +1

Access to different ISPs. foreign western Proxy Services, entire Internet and Tor Onion Router +1

Possibility to blog, moderate in blogs and internet media and not permanently censhorship (censorship, when hawkishing a little bit to much for hours until 1 week is OK). +1

Possibility to report over public events in blogs, media, internet media like X or Facebook, you need special permission and agreement from company, private person and NGO, when reporting inside over companies, NGOs, military and private persons private sphere (concerning e.g. product placement, innovations, sexuality or belief). +1

Tolerate whistleblowing like in the US, when reporting over complicated human rights violences of foreign troops in war. +0,5

Storry telling, conspiracy theories and narratives are marked with a recognizable symbole, e.g. +0,5

Civil & business & companies rights

9 basic points

The word church in follwoing could also mean shrine, temple, stone circle, lgbt community or any religious monoment or place.

Freedom of assembly (if missing -4)

  • Right for workers to join a labor union or representation of employees.
  • Right for companies to join a free foundation or trade guild.  

  • Right to join a religious community or free church (no hierachically bottom up grassroot foundate non state church).

Freedom of speach, freedom of art and freedom of posts without state sanctions (exception national socialists content, radical djihadist content, stalinist content in some countries)   (if missing -4)

Right to work self choosen and startup again after phase of unemployment. Right to work no matter what in company, NGO as free artist, freelancer, whatever ... (for some non free profession, like medical doctor or train man you need a special prooved certificate or degree) (if missing -4)

Right to found, own, buy (part of) a company or poperty, right to own stock market values, money, gold, derivates, freedom to choose bank and payment provider and freedom of trade  (Excpet US patriot act or sanctions against countries as US ally) (if missing -5)

Right for worker to leave company (inside a certain time period, normally 0-3 months) when getting a better offer without extreme high penality for joining another company. Right for companies to hire & fire women & men inside a certain time period (normally 0-3 months). (if missing -4)

Right to vote, right to protest and right to access basic state services for every citizen. (if missing -4)

Freedom of operating system, freedom to choose between open & closed source and freedom to develop after a free choosen license, e.g. BSD, Apache, GNU, MIT, closed source). (if missing -4
(Standardized licenses for paying and billing closed source, 3-10 categories would be nice, like renting software as a service like office 365, paying a cloud provider on network and CPU and storage using, installing a software and paying for year a guaranteed support, ...)

Right on abortion, if both mother & father agree to it, because otherwise they would be slaves, owned by a landlord in law. Free citizens should have that right. Don't bring slavery back to US. (if missing -5)

Right to have a own sexuality, freedom for adults to have sex if both agree (maybe after rules of their church), right to marriage (maybe after rules of a church or federal state). (if missing -3)

Right to adopt non adult childs, if parents or next familiars (if parents death) of children agree to it and have a permanently visiting right at least all 2 weeks. Maybe a free NGO check is needed, that this is good too. (if missing -3)

Non discrimination rights and possibility to protest against it or go to an independant court. 
(In private companies I saw and experienced discrimination very rarley, but at civil services or police or public high schools, this is happening some times).  (if missing -2

Right of an independent and fair judgement (maybe right to have a second independant judge, if court is politically motivated).  Right of comparison between companies or private persons (both agree that one pays the other a fee of 100US$ of causing pain per day) (if missing -3

Right to wear waepons for veterans (who served at national army with locked and loaded waepons).  (if missing -1

Right for people over 16 to drive a car, ride a byke, bicycle (maybe a confirmed license is needed, horse, donkey, drink whiskey (of course not when riding or driving a vehicle) and smoking natural herbs, tobaco (but no opiods). (Maybe the right of your church doesn't allow some parts).  (if missing -2

Right to have a save and proper enviroment: State can ban bear, wolfes or elephant hunts or shutting birds or using animals for bio-nano technolgy experiments.  (if missing -2

Denied: Experiments with human beeings without their agreement (signed and 3rd party validated) (like milkram experiment) is forbidden. Long time studies of human beeings. (if missing -4

Right to access independent technology to scan your genom and verify children and parents, if they agree. (if missing -2

Social rights:

(For Europe, Great-Britain. Brazil and ???): Right of small social security (at least 1000US$ per month), if you get unemployed or need assistence.  (if missing -3) (State money transfer over 150.000 US$ per year without doing anything is strictly forbidden. Excluded: Fees from private companies as a free services for long employment, excellent performance or great innovation or great ad value).

Right for every cirtizen to access as citizen public libraries with internet access with a legitimated identifying card.

Right to repair wikipedia, right of elected assembly to transfer special money to some urgently needed NGO task forces, like open source foundation, wikipedia, ...

Right for jobless people to getting courses to be ready for a new job, where they are only 40% - 80% qualified and not enough fit 4 work.

To be continued ...


Great ipv6 news from austrian mobile networks

Great ipv6 news from austrian mobile networks

Allmost all mobile providers in Austria implemented ipv6 protocol for 3G/4G/5G mobile net. 
When running ifconfig inside an android terminal, you can see, if ipv6 is already enabled at your device.

I tried to ping6 my little amazon server and ping6 over icmp succeeded. 

When pinging6 from android, I started a tcpdump on my little amazon server in Oregon, to see if packets are coming well through.
Then, I tried to ping6 in the opposite direction and was so delighted. that the icmp6 ping6 from amazon subnet in Oregon passed without routing or netfilter blocking problems to my android device.

I was courious, if a service broker from the internet could reach a server socket on my android, so I installed Simple HTTP Server:

I tested my local android device http server successfully by using curl, wget, lynx and a test once from Tor Onion Router.
You can use of course another http fs server, like:


Draft: Gender, sex, family and (absence of) birth of children might be strong implicit forces on a society

Draft (will become in 1 week an article)

Preamble gender, sex, family issue appeared

Gender studies with left spin

In Austria as well as in some other parts of the western world, gender theme were occupied by political left wing people and gender studies became to a only female emanzipational propaganda and transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual tolerance issue, without knowledge what's really inside the box of the Pandora.

Right wing and conservative people became angry about that in the past and claimed, that the christian, classic, muslim (traditionl) family values and classic marriage became thereby underminded.
I for my part think, that this argument from the right wing contained a lot of bullshit and hate against minority groups, because LGTB people are very rarley and still a little minority in society and never ever have that huge impact (like the jews never had a huge implact at Weimar Republic in germany).
Well some people pour oil in the fire of anger in social discussion and outed a lot of provocating hate speach, even when they were rich and married. [...]
But, there is a mostley invisible but existing pressure on right conservative traditional people, that they feel and realize, that they suddenly have less chances to get into a realationship or found a family and claim, that's only the result of medial focus on leftist gender issue and the absence of traditional values.
Some traditional thinking people had surley a lot of frustration, because of fewer opportunities for relationships and family founding (either real or imaginary).
On change from elected left governments (like US Democrats, Kemalists, Social Democrats) to right conservative elected governements (Donald Trump GOP, people's parties in Europe), many gender studies, univeristies were closed or not more budgeted well in some parts of the western world.

I for me part think, that dividing the topic of gender, sex, familiy and into 2 parts (academic gender studies & traditional religion or folk wisdom) was an essential huge mistake.
I would suggest a field of study that deals with interpersonal relationships in general, sexual relationships, marriage and family in general and that's at least popular academic.
Interpersonal relationships between men and women and too few child births often have much more implications for the economy, society, politics and the future than previously assumed, but not appear clearly and mostley are marked taboo.
e.g. the birth of too few Chinese girls meaned in the past that young Chinese men often had to find a marriageable woman in the near abroad with some expenditure & costs of money.

Restrictions on both might be the reason of social pressure, suffer and anger

I think, that for many classic traditional people founding a family became more complicated as it was in the past and admitting to an alternative sexuality too, but that it has nothing at all to do with the oposite society spectrum. Entering in a relationship and human reproduction became for some parts of western society more difficult.
family clipart under creative commons license: [ bing | duckduckgo | darkduckoniongoogleyahoo ]

Different point of views and models of needs of human individuals and society

Many models of human needs and society needs came out from a specific point of view and also might have been statistically evidence based only at their epoche (>90% positive of sample base/range; sample quantity 0.5% - 2.5% of society).

Maslow's hierarchy (case study)

I'm sure, that the Maslow pyramid of needs matches for most human societies at the level 1 - 4 (physiological, safety, love and social and esteem) pretty sure for allmost all members of society [...]
Hierarchy of needs Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow

A claimed needs for succeeding model by me

Attention, I draw today a model of needs for succeeding out of my mind, but it's common sense and generally opinion of the zeitgeist of many teachers and chamber people between 1980 - 2010 in Europe.
Everybody would claim that model immediately as true or matching, even if it has no statistical evidence at all, neither only a little sample interview based questioning range.
(Remind that, agreeeing to a model and matching inside the model might be two different things, I can strongly agree to a model rationally, but I might not match inside the model).

The old conservative rule "You must have first a good payed job" ⟹ "then found a family" often became ironic in our dynamically changing times.
  • [IronyOn]
  • People with good jobs don't have any time to find opportunities to get to together with nice young man / woman, because they mostley work a lot. (only coming together inside the company is possible, but's that's not estimated / wished by compliance or share holder interest).
  • Jobless people have a lot of time, which is never spended 100% to find a new job. So they have possibilities to go out and meet someone, but very conservative relatives (mum & dad) or close friends don't like it and often make strong opinion campaign against coming together with unemployed people.
  • Coming together at highscool, collegue or university might be chance, but conservative relatives (mum & dad) or close friends claimed a new rule before marriage: "Better at the time, when both work", so after finding a job after education, she lives in Chicago and he in Seattle Washington and then it's over with family founding.
  • There are even many more traps in some radical modern marriage codices, like 
    "When he becomes unemployed for one year" ⟹ "then divorce".
    Most partners know, if the loved person is strongly affected to cancel culture or it's only for some time difficult to get a new jobs and then he/she/it restarts.
    There might be also the opposite rule at some very radical following directive "thou must serve more the family then the boss, who pays you big fat money & ice-cream" communities:
    "When he works too much and don't have any time for you during one year"
    ⟹ "then divorce"
  • [/IronyOff]


E-Mobilität? China hats schon, die USA baute Tesla und Europa fällt auch hier zurück

Es gibt in Österreich keinen Porsche Cayenne Mangel

Porsche Cayenna auf (319 Porsche Cayenne sofort verfügbar)

Porsche Cayenna auf (432Porsche Cayenne sofort verfügbar)

Öl- und Benzin-Preise sind zwar noch billig genug, trotzdem wird inzwischen die E-Mobilität in Europa stiefväterlich behandelt, wahrscheinlich liegt es am SUV Überschuss im Markt.

Auf Alibaba boomt das Elektro-Automobil

Some new chinese electro car models::

Neta X

2023 Byd Seagull Haiou


ATX and austrian stock market traded companies

#ATX (Austrian Traded Index) never ever reached high of 2008 again.

#Raiffeisen International [ ] seems to be a sitting duck, because of sanctions against Russia, but I'm sure that they could swap the Russian risk against something special. 

Some #ATX companies like #Andritz [ ], #OMV [ ], #Verbund [ ] seems to be very defiant against that trend.

CA IMMO [ ] was quiet profitable so far.

#Dynatrace [ ] a newcomer was founded in Austria and is now traded in #NASDAQ
Find all Dynatrace locations in Austria at wko companies directory: 

#VoestAlpine [ ] steel production and technology company will will likely lose share of world wide steel production, because raw iron supply chains are quiet long and expensive for VOEST location Linz:

Voest Alpine supply chains are A1 & OEBB



Commercial business livestyle, NPO and the few community based lifestyle, that we ignore

Common images in western societies from social and economic point of view:

Family (classic)

classic family based

At least one or both parents work most of the year and gain income for family. Family might get money from the state for the children to help getting them educated in public or private school and later an education to get a paid job in our economy.

Pair of adults (might be even gay or lesbian)

A pair in a kind of love or sexual relation lives together, because they cannot reproduce or don't want to have children. Normally both work (maybe not fulltime) and earn money.

Single adult (might be divorced father)

A single person lives alone, earns money.

Forgotten community based live styles

When you really open your eyes, you will find a lot of community based live styles, that were mostley not declared as community, but practically have the tendency / bias to live together as a community, were the priority to earn money is quiet low.
Some examples:
  1. extended family (were some of the members receive money in form of social benefits or unemployment insucrance from state, insucrances or relatives, could be clan based)
  2. spiritual or far left community (e.g. new age group, marxists, trotskyists, like-minded community)
  3. [Please enter you own expiriences here]
Unfortunately, the original form of old farmer families or kibbutz is really outdated.

Misunderstandings and conflicts concerning community based live forms

  • It is a mistake to assume that all community based lifestyles are voluntary, often it is economic pressure that leads to such living conditions.
  • But it is also wrong that nobody wants to live like this and people who live like this need education upgrades or training positions to enter jobs. 
  • Since community-based forms of life are mostly sustained by money that is not entirely self-earned, there is often the argument that they take it away from the really old and weak or disabled because it is mostly spent by the state.
  • Community based persons never understand the importance that somebody is stressed and races to an urgent meeting with an important wealth customer.
  • On the other hand, working people with functioning business models do not understand the obligations of community-based individuals, who often donate odd amounts of time to unnecessary inefficient rituals within the community.
  • Community based lifestyles are often viewed as precariously archaic or uncivilized, although the rules or code in such communities are often very complex, but often inhibit individuals from their full economic capacity or individual self-expression.
In my opinion we should sharpen our awareness and not a standard protocol or purely economic imperative when encountering these rare but nonetheless existing lifestyles.

Why I wrote this article:
Tonight my mind was clear and I saw, that some people don't want to be driven from an economic imperative and like more a community based life style. In Austria such people don't receive much money from the state, but often were discrimented or motivated to follow an economic working life model.


Fact checking: What come from pirate party and socialist section8 and what from communists?

 In the years 2011 - 2014 I was an more left as (but still) liberal activst participating at serveral discussions in the free internet in different forums or social media. 

From my point of view, many ideas that were produced together in common with stakeholders from pirate party and section8, had the most politically and avangardistic value and also flowed partially into the party program of other parties (e.g. Neos, SPÖ, even partly Greens, ÖVP, FPÖ).

I will list here the most impactfully issues:

I. Transparency 

I.1. Transparency (freedom of information) Act

In Austria and Bavaria a law called Amtsgeheimnis exists, that protects any and implicitly all communications concerning any official task or issue in state sector between employes of the state as strong classified. (like police officers, judges, social and work service, politicans, public health service, ...). Private not state tasks or issues concerning smalltalk conversation is certainly not affected by that law. All that communication is forever protected, even for old statesmen, when leaving state service at 70 years, its strictly forbidden to tell anything under to relatives, family or journalists. The penalization
and punishment even for such old men is very hard and consistent. There is no such opening step like in US, where even GOD (the CIA) opens some classified files after 40 - 60 years. Because of that and keeping secret citizens data (like  medical data files, pensions and doctor payments, ..) a transparency act was claimed in Februar 2013. Many personal data are in between visible for citizen by digital goverment platforms, other not so strictly single person concerning cases, are furthermore deep secretly.
One of the big problems, that still exist, is that "Amtsgeheimnis" even  beats the EU public contracts tendering law and official gouvernemental state tenders and Privatization / sale of public goods!

Feb 12, 2013, 7:34 PM

Vor 10 Tagen haben Sektion8 & Piratenpartei die Petition zum Transparenzgesetz veröffentlicht:

Sektion 8 wollte doch Akkzente setzen und nicht nur reagieren.
In dem Fall ist das sehr gut gelungen.
Gratulation, bei so einer wichtigen Sache.

Liebe Grüße,


Falsche Annahme bzgl. Target-2 Salden bisher

Lieber Leserinnen und Leser,

sicher kennen manche von Ihnen die Panik, die Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn so gerne verbreotet über die Fallen der Target-2 Salden. Es ist allerdiings weniger beunruhigend als ich bisher annahm oder als manche befürchteten. Deutschland stellt keine Blanko-Schecks aus, denn wenn BMW (Bayrische Motorenwerke) an einen Vertragshändler in Italien 321 #BMW liefern, dann wird der Konzern nicht einen ungedeckte Blankoscheck an die Bayrische Motorenwerke überweisen, sondern wohl eine Sofortüberweisung oder eine gedeckte Ratenzahlung. Positice Target-2 Salden bedeuten einfach nur, dass andere Staaten mehr Geld nach Deutschland überwiesen haben als umgekehrt und negative T2 Salden bedeuten, dass die Staaten weniger Geld von Deutschland summe summarum an Transaktionen im Euroraum überwiesen bekamen als umgekehrt. Wenn Italiener z.B. ein Konto bei der Deutschen Bank haben und sie sparen dort oder haben dort ihr Geschäftskonto und die Firma operiert stehts in positiven schwarzen Zahlen, dann steigt die T2 Balance zu Gunsten Deutschlands auch. Es ist auf keinen Fall so, dass Deutschland ungedeckte Schecks an Italien ausstellt, es sei denn Italien würde aus dem € austreten. Aber auch dann wäre das keine Katastrophe, denn IT würde auf die Lira wechseln und es würde zuerst ein 1:1 Wechselkurs bestimmt werden und die Lira dann abwerten. Deutschland verlöre gar nichts. Dass sich Hans Werner Sinn bereits oft verrechnete sehen wir hier:


Your own currency devalues and thou have foreign currency debt. How to solve that?

Consider / suppose you are a bank, an entrepreneur or a state foreign currency loan of the Republic of Turkey!

Turkish lira TRX is currently devaluing against € or US $.

What can you do now?

Well you can of course reduce risk via a forex pair swap.

In case, that you want to hedge the risk (that TRY don`t fall to much against € OR US$),  you bet on falling TRY/€ forex swap pairs in derivate secondary markets or if this doesn`t exist for huge amounts of TRY, than bet on rising up €/TRY US$/TRY for that case. 

What will happen with that hedge?

In case, that TRY looses more value against € or US$, your risk reducing swap works in the opposite direction.

Your losses will be smoothed out straight.

Attention for case if TRY will regain value against € / US$.

If TRY regains  value against € or US$, your foreign currency credit rate, will not become cheaper, because your hedge swap will loose for that case.

What we ignore in that simple example?

We ignore prime rate and credit rate changes, that could be triggered, when FED or ECB increases or decreases prime rates.

Kind regards,



Maturaschularbeit Deutsch (English completly refactored and updated)

(I wrote the to the same theme 30 years ago my german completion of school work [Abitur] an essay):

It was a lot of generic gossip, where the difference between humanism and existentialism was worked out somewhat, (best intention before acting versus only the result and consequences of thour actions) and from my point of view now, I really didn't understand anything at all, anything about the world, the economy, about the hierarchy of law, about international trade agreements, about mechatronic or IT, buit
But I felt fine and arrogant, because I was so TOP in school in technical science subjects, chemistry, and especially math. [I couldn't model a complex problem with the best mathematical model, no, I didn't even understand linear optimization (simplex) or differential equations.
I'am a left liberal democratic atheist, because of many expierences near or beyond death and a more complex understanding of the abstraction of the mind in correspondence with the brain in our bodies (with heart and lungs) and the spatial and temporal limitation of any existence.
I am a staunch European and a great advocate of the Charter of Human Rights, because nowhere in the world are human rights so respected by law as in Europe
However, I am a little sad that Europe is losing more and more of its economic strength to China, India and the USA, because without a strong modern economy a social fair welfare state isn't possible. Unfortunately, Europe gave up its technically and scientifically innovative lead years ago.
The biggest technical innovations of the Europeans within the last decades were in my opinion GSM ( and Linux (Linus Torvalds from Finland & Alan Cox from Wales)
Unfortunately there were only a few companies in Europe (SuSE in Germany and otherwise linux was mostly only used in the university sector.
In 2010, Torvalds became a United States citizen when getting a job offer from TRANSMETA. In the USA dozens of large corporations use Linux technology, IBM, RedHat, Amazon, Google (Android the most successful further development of Linux for smartphones). and many other BIG players in NASDAQ stock exchange.
If we now take a closer look at android smartphone OS (which is essentially based on GSM and Linux), then the software manufacturer Google is based in the USA, the big phone hardware companies like Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Motorola are everywhere around the world, really everywhere except in Europe . Just two European groups Nokia (with a lot of financial capital aid from the giant Microsoft) and Alcatel (with a lot of support from an unspecified Chinese cooperation) have somehow survived in Europe on the technical course of time.
Don't understand me wrong, in Austria are a lot of good companies mostly within the Federation of Industrialists ( )
and they are still up to date due to the permanent further development of existing TOP products and expansion into new markets, but only further development and never the leap from totaly new innovation to international group succeeded. (We are still capable of new innovation even with economic future value and also to hold listed corporations well on the international markets, but Europeans have recently never managed to establish the proove of concept or prototype for an international product within a corporation).
The philosophy of USA and FED with low taxes, expansive monetary policy and stimulating labor markets, designed central bank policy and with enough freely available risk capital is unfortunately also unknown in Europe. (Perhaps a windy innovative inventor and innovator wanted to realize his idea here in a company too, but it failed because of enough free risk capital and legislation was much too regulative).
I'am stil in eternal spiritual love with my first three ex-girlfriends and the person I mostly trust is Bernhard Seiler, because he forgived me and so many people will never forgive me and a did nothing to them and the still hate me.
The male politician I admire the most is the former finance minister and industrialist Hannes Androsch (, because he's one of the few who argues for an economically strong and social position thanks to his vast know-how.
The female politician I admire the most is Hillary Clinton, because she campaigned for social and women's rights, killed the world's most dangerous terrorist for a long time without risiking American and NATO soldiers lifes somewhere far from home. Most of all, I adore Hillary Clinton because she forgave her husband Billclinton and stood by him and fought for him in the media like a lioness when she was emotionally hurt the most. Her good relationship with her pretty daughter Chelsea Clinton also lasts to this day.
I am now an middle aged more worn man marked by life, who prefers to look to the future positively rather than depressed, especially because for great Love and perspectives for his two sons. (my children).

The most needed reforms were, are and will still be education and pension reforms, because my children already got a bit know more economical and technical education, but the quality of basic public education is still not at the state of the art, where you as parent can be sure, that your kids have a solid natural science base and technical toolbox to not believe the crudest conspiration theories.