- a simple url encoder/decoder

 a simple url encoder/decoder


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Snaps, snapd,, Snap Store,

Tonight in the early morn, when I tried to write(1) an open os based solution(2) to transform almost any modern personal computer or laptop(3) to a simple generic wifi router(4).

Then I unexpectedly found a  community platform, that was still unknown to me:

Snaps are there defined as  app packages for desktop, cloud and IoT that are easy to install, secure, cross‐platform and dependency‐free. Snaps are discoverable and installable from the Snap Store, the app store for Linux with an audience of millions, 

I tried first the search functionality of that platform and let's say clearly: 
The layout design looks excellent, the community is well visited, but some functions could be better. Lets look at these 2 examples: 
Searching common phrase file
Searching 1 char only d  
Search results also could be sorted more meaningful & understandable, e.g. 
  1. show all results, where the search phrase  directly corresponds to the package app name /(no matter if sql like (prefix, suffix, substring), sql fulltext match or Levenstein distance.
  2. then show all results, where the search phrase is found in the shown package descripton
  3. at least show all results, that appear like a magical fog or smoke for the user. I know, that your search function is probably not returning total random or bad fuzzy hit results, but I guess the search algorithm searches in fields, which are not shown in search result view.

Snapcraft web site provides at the moment the snap app package search page, a store, tutorials, documentation, developer blog, forum and IOT special bulletin.

Conclusio: Snapcraft has surly more potential, but additional functionality must be added and especially a more clear vision and road-map needs to be specified, followed and permanently filled with life. (Under my point of view, without any additional improvements, vision and road-map the project and the community won't grow up and then after some time, this will remain as small circle of developer project or even become orphaned.)
So far I see this nevertheless as an good opportunity for developers and community to get seen and to receive good jobs offers.

Simply said: Thou must have very soon an idea, where this should go and what exactly you want with  it. If thou don't want to expand and keep this project as a nice and gentle private hobby, then you can keep everything and don't have to change anything. But if you want to expand, become at least a small player for long time, ...

(1) rawwrite, rom eprom, cd burn diskdump

(2) an Ubuntu based bootable usb stick, where customized linux ubuntu distro (with full ip, netfilter, bridging, ... kernel support) provides a seperate multi service (like xinetd) or - even better - a separated unused runlevel, where all services for the router tool are started in meanful order in that normally unused runlevel scope. Furthermore filtering, blocking, logging, 

(3) in fact any pc, laptop, server, barebone based on x86, x64, x86-64 (amd64, intel64) processor architecture. (but not arm, arm64).

(4) a full wifi router by auto detecting first wireless default interface e.g. wlan0,then ethernet interface with an active internet connection e.g. eth0, probes and sets the default route, enables an advanced wifi hotspot via hostapd, routes all incoming packages through wlan e.g. wlan0 interface (SNAT) to outgoing interface with default route to  hell,  heaven,  nowhere world  wide internet:
Wireless settings were already almost configurable with SSID, passphrase, DHCP range, wifi arp security pool. I made a final concept for netfilter features, e.g. packet analyzing, connecting tracking, packet filtering, mangeling, blocking (host, network or port), totally network load monitoring and extrusion detection (for fefe: wer telefoniert wann wie viel nach Hause und welche Daten werden mit von zu Hause untergeschoben und ähnliche Heuristiken) are availible. But I had still no big idea how to implement exactly the simple console screen (NOT) ncurses (NOT)  X-Windows based tool:
no matter if KDEGnomeXfceLXQtCinnamonMotif or any X else;
interface might be coded with (Tcl/TkQTjavapython, whatever.
Tonight in the early morn, when I tried to write(1) an open os based solution(2) to transform almost any modern personal computer or laptop(3) to a simple generic wifi router(4).

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