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Bridge Mini-VM for reading XFS, JFS, ext[234], minix, btrfs, reiserfs ot any other non MS filesystem

Howto access  XFS, JFS, ext[234], minix, btrfs, reiserfs ot any other non MS filesystem from Windows 7 - 11 without installing a maybe bogus kernel filesystem driver?

  1. Make a Mini-Vm with a totally slack and stripped linux kernel, that is bridged on a VM network adapter. Include all filesystem drivers and needed network adapter & drivers in that kernel and strip / kick out everything other, what's not needed. 
    Make the kernel similiar to a cisco router or PIX firewall kernel.
  2. Give the VM direct access to your harddisk, usb-devices, firewire & bluetooth devices.
  3. Enable the Mini linux VM to reEXport mounted filesystem over smb or nfs.
  4. Calculate the memory size, which is needed, that all filesystem mounts and all fs operatons work fast enough with paging and caching. 
  5. Choose the best scheduler for that mini-VM.
  6. Optimize all ioctl, (f)lush, (f)read, (f)write, (f)seek, (f)open, (f)close and all other filesystem operations.
  7. If you are hungry => oprimize the /proc /sys /dev filesystem.
A friend of mine gave me that hint:
There exists a native windows tool called Linux Reader to access most common filesystems under linux read only.

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