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old & simple social liberal slogans

If you sell as a large supplier products in the cheaper segment , then it makes sense to employ people from a minority group, because with them in your sales or marketing team, you can also reach this segment of the market surley with great customer binding.

Remember that it is easier to integrate minorities in that smart liberal way, instead of forcing it by law. (Otherwise Republican party GOP and right wing parties will fury.)
Notice that minority groups often are only interested in large robust standard products inside the cheaper segement, because of income weakness as result of fewer chances and discrimination.

Sometimes humanistic or public moderate spending is labeled as 'High ugly costs'.

When people thought HP-UX, AIX, SCO Unix Group, Solaris or high end IRIX
will make the race,
then notice that now SGI IRIX XFS is availible under linux now,
that IBM's JFS is even longer part of the linux kernel,
that Sun's ZFS was ported to linux from 2005 - 2010,
as availible alternative to pure GNU filesystems Btrfs or elder ext4.

If an aggressive renegotiation of a service brings both social responsibility and shareholder value (in sense of price reducement or qualitity improvement), then that's good.

Spending money for education, children rights and fair play might not be optimally offset in your tax return, but it will give you a brilliant image and avoid problems in future.

Investing money in education and skills in next generation, probably has a very late return on investment.

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