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Fact checking: What come from pirate party and socialist section8 and what from communists?

 In the years 2011 - 2014 I was an more left as (but still) liberal activst participating at serveral discussions in the free internet in different forums or social media. 

From my point of view, many ideas that were produced together in common with stakeholders from pirate party and section8, had the most politically and avangardistic value and also flowed partially into the party program of other parties (e.g. Neos, SPÖ, even partly Greens, ÖVP, FPÖ).

I will list here the most impactfully issues:

I. Transparency 

I.1. Transparency (freedom of information) Act

In Austria and Bavaria a law called Amtsgeheimnis exists, that protects any and implicitly all communications concerning any official task or issue in state sector between employes of the state as strong classified. (like police officers, judges, social and work service, politicans, public health service, ...). Private not state tasks or issues concerning smalltalk conversation is certainly not affected by that law. All that communication is forever protected, even for old statesmen, when leaving state service at 70 years, its strictly forbidden to tell anything under to relatives, family or journalists. The penalization
and punishment even for such old men is very hard and consistent. There is no such opening step like in US, where even GOD (the CIA) opens some classified files after 40 - 60 years. Because of that and keeping secret citizens data (like  medical data files, pensions and doctor payments, ..) a transparency act was claimed in Februar 2013. Many personal data are in between visible for citizen by digital goverment platforms, other not so strictly single person concerning cases, are furthermore deep secretly.
One of the big problems, that still exist, is that "Amtsgeheimnis" even  beats the EU public contracts tendering law and official gouvernemental state tenders and Privatization / sale of public goods!

Feb 12, 2013, 7:34 PM

Vor 10 Tagen haben Sektion8 & Piratenpartei die Petition zum Transparenzgesetz veröffentlicht:

Sektion 8 wollte doch Akkzente setzen und nicht nur reagieren.
In dem Fall ist das sehr gut gelungen.
Gratulation, bei so einer wichtigen Sache.

Liebe Grüße,

I.2. Transparency database

Because of existing Austrian federalism, many grants and money transfers to individuals, families, companies and non profit organisations could be requested and transferred (payed) twice or thrice, concerning the same funding case, because of not clear responsibilities. To avoid that and to guarantee, that every funding case is exactly payed out only once, a transparency database was planned. This idea was even very popular for right liberal stock market and derivate traders.

I guess, it was never implemented fully.

post scriptum: I always look, to never take the normal monetary support from state, even if I have 100% the right to take it. I even don't take that state benefit money, if I must (have to) by law, because every citizen should help keeping state spending rates low as needed, because there are many totally help needed people, who need that money more urgently.

I.3. Transparency in open gouvernement

Open gouvernement platforms and databases. Mostley implemented now!

II. Protests or activsm

II.1. Protests against high dunning fees and very high fines for harmless intellectual property infringements without major / some damage

Most IP holders benefit, if its IP or claims were mentioned in some media, rather than expecting huge monetary damage.

Here the communist party is still totally against any kind of patent, IP, Investment protection agreement, arbitral tribunals. 

II.2. Protests against saving all bad banks with taxpayers money 

There was a huge critic to safe bad banks with taxpayers money. 
  • Pure neoliberal opinion was to NOT safe any banks with any state money.
  • A most left liberal idea was to safe the banks with fresh ECB printing press / new balance in book money, instead of increasing taxes or reducing spending for the poorest because of bank saving with taxpayers money.

II.3. Protests against the way of state spending, state debts with new credits

Many people still have currently the opion, that the state could spend / invest more smart by helping more growing startups and poor people with same quality of police, health and public school service by spending 
  • less in total
  • more efficently
  • and even realize big fat TAX CUTs (plus inclusivley Icecream & oral sex for everybody.)

III.1 Increasing basic education

Some teachers implemented that with /HE observing bot program. I don't know, if the results are really satisfying, but left socialists think, that for "Neue Mittelschule" und Brennpunktschule it's quiet OK!

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