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#OIC islamic conference in Istanbul

There was not much information in press or TV inside Europe about islamic conference #OIC in Istanbul.

Themes of the conference were widley and largley scattered so far.
This was especifically first time (since many years or first time ever). that both representatives of Iran and Saudi Arabia attended to the conference even at the same time!
Main issues were howto fight islamic terrorism, avoiding sectarian conflicts and problem of racism inside the muslim world!

Both Turkish TV-stations and iranian Internet TV media brought / presented stories in English to expose information about the conference to general world public.
Unfortunately, these informations didn't flow in the mainstream media of many non muslim countries. (because loical comedians are jist more important in some part of the world, even when time of carnevall is already long over)

So I linked below to 2 reports in English for better understanding and transparent information:

Turkish President Erdogan speaks at the OIC leaders' summit in Istanbul

Iranian presid Rouhani in Istanbul for OIC summit

Various pictures of #OIC in Istanbul

I guess the two rulers were previously never so close to each other with as little distance together!
On photo is unfortunately not the face of his excellence of Saud, but face ecxpression of  President Rouhani seems strict bit still polite and controlled.

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