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How to enable ipv6 (inet6) in AWS EC2 VPCs, Subnets, Network interfaces and instances

This is a very quick and walk through documentation, how to enable ipv6 addresses and ipv6 networking in AWS (Amazon Web Services) E2C instances.

Ensure that virtual hardware is enabled for ipv6

In this section, we check if VPC, Subnets, Routing Tables and Network Interfaces are ready for ipv6.
It's a walkthroigh in form of (examine, check, enable ipv6 <= if not already enabled). ]

First, when you open vpcxonsole, you might be confused by the listing of all VPCs in all regions in the middle pane. Ignore it and simply open Your VPC's.

open Your VPC's

Look, if column IPv6 CIDR already contains an ip6 pool / ip6 subnet segment.

If Yes, continue at 
If No, click now on the VPC ID.
This will direct you to VPC edit page:

Now select in Actions Menu Edit CIDRs
This will redirect you to an Edit Page:

If there are no IPv6 CIDRs in CIDR (Network border group),
click Add IPv6 CIDR

If you have no own IPv6Amazon-provided IPv6 CIDR block,
choose option Amazon-provided IPv6 CIDR block


After enabling your VPC for IPv6, take a look at different subnets in different availability zone at your current Amazon AWS location (all subnets are accessed from outside via your VPC & route non local traffic through your VPC.

Click on
Now select the specified subnet, where you want to emable ipv6.

In Subnet Edit Page select Actions Menu and choose Edit IPv6 CIDRs.

Now follow the instruction on animated gif below:

After returning to Subnet Edit Page select again Actions Menu, choose now: 
Edit subnet settings

Choose here [Enable auto-assign IPv6 address

You also might reserve via Edit CIDR reservation
some IPv6 prefixes, but for simple Autoassinging an inet6 interface, you don't need here make further ipv6 adddresses resarvations.


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