- a simple url encoder/decoder

 a simple url encoder/decoder


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Making symetric chiffer encryption strong again

When students in the 2nd semester in year 1992 type on the laptop during the lecture or start talking, Professor Gerd Baron always repeated very loudly that's what's all about:

We have a universe here and 
it's all about of the number of arrangements in a finite set.

Professor Gerd Baron of Mathematics modified math lecture for computer scientists, where he claimed graph theory and combinatorics and weighted models (for traveling salesmen or ip routing) to understand better things we will need later (like equal costs => multipath).

The easiest way to scale up AES:
combination and permutation

plain text ⟶ 3DES PBox → AES → 2blowfish ⟶ chipher text
chipher text ⟶ 2blowfish → AES → 3DES SBox ⟶ plain text

plain text ⟶ AES ⟶ 2blowfish ⟶ 3DES PBox (scrambled) ⟶ chipher text
chipher text ⟶ 3DES  SBox(scrambled) → 2blowfish → AES ⟶ plain text

you also can remix it per good random numbers like

3DES = 0x1
AES = 0x2
2Fish = 0x4
Serpent = 0x8

So 0xBC for encryption would mean 0xCB for decryption

plain ⟶ (3DES→AES→Serpent) ⟶ (2Fish→Serpent) ⟶ encrypted
encrypted ⟶ (Serpent→2Fish) ⟶ (Serpent→AES→3DES) ⟶ plain 

with 2 bytes strong keys (negoatiated randomized at handshake) you're quiet secure.

Multiple symetric chiffer encryption prototype

I know even more advanced secure encryption with simplest tricks, but I don't want to get too much in trouble. Never the less mathematicians and computer scientists at the collegue level are not becoming fewer, but take a moment to keep facts about our future in mind.

When investing in green enegry, remember
  • Hydropower depents on down gradient and flow speed and flow volume rate of the river (calculated for high water, low water) in spring, summer, autumn and winter!
    Rivers in many regions have very little down gradient and slow flow speed, like Mississippi River in US, but situation is not better in African, Indian and South America. Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland have also a smaller down gradient.
    Hydropower is used very efficiently in the US, but there are limits to its efficiency.

    European green party members sometimes make the mistake, to project hydro power energy from their rivers to the rest of the world, where it often is less efficient in reality.

  • Windturbines might be good at constant windy places, but not there were you have zero wind and than a tornado or hurricane.

  • Rivers and Wind could change or end at some point or become less, solar power energy keeps unless solarsystem ends with a colden neutron star or a supernova with black hole.
    But while solarpower in quiet good in some regions, it doesn't make real sense in others and energy efficiency is quiet low in some mountain regions or at some points near artic circle.

  • Think, market economy is the best way to find a price for demand and supply for now, but futures on commodities (like Gas & Oil) are only a projection up to 5 years in future.

  • Energy efficiency is top at micro electronics, pcs and modern light sources, but not in inventing < 2liter per 100km cars. 

  • Think that many countries in Africa have still no clear water supply and unemployment rate over 80% and a strong migation pressure. 
    I sended twice 42US$ to some African Countries, like Uganda 173,883.00 UGX and Gambia 2,802.72 GMD via Western Union, both have a lot of english speaking population with basic IT knowledge, but no perspective at all there.
Please notice, that I'm not against any renewable energy, we need more renewabler energy and recycling supply, but without modern nuclear power plants and some gas turbines, only renewable power plants are not realistic at the moment. 

Consider, that according to Google Map and Google Earth 
many islands in Oceania will soonly no longer exist
and people loose their home land:


TopLevel Domain: .to with many million links as synonym for to direction...
[I need to research a little bit more to get a more clear infos about Tonga]

Cook Islands:
TopLevelDomain: ck

Arctic circel is becoming less icy and even more even  green!
Nothern Artic Region from Google Maps / Earth

This doesn't mean, that you should now engage in completely chaotic actionism (please not), but prepare properly for future scenarios.

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